Field Experience

Field Experience

Innovation in Action

Hands-on and in-person demonstrations played a big part of CNH Industrial’s Tech Day. We highlighted the newest solutions in the areas of automation, autonomy and connected platforms. Here are key messages from each of our seven demonstration stations, which left no doubt about our field experience.

Soil by Soil Precision

Preparing the field for planting is critical for a successful growing season. CNH Industrial’s brands’ smart implements provide soil-by-soil precision to ensure a positive growing environment is created for every field condition. From our industry-exclusive seedbed performance feedback to our productivity increasing tillage prescriptions – our tillage automation solutions help farmers get the most out of every acre.

Seed by Seed Precision

CNH Industrial’s brands’ smart planters accommodate changes within the micro-environment, soil type, moisture, temperature, and residue to place each individual seed. This maximizes seed to soil contact, increasing its yield potential. Seed by seed, our smart planters give every seed the best chance of success, increasing profitability and saving time.

Drop by Drop Precision

When it is time to apply fertilizers and crop protection solutions, farmers can maximize profitability by improving productivity and minimizing waste to address the unique needs of each individual plant. CNH Industrial’s brands’ smart sprayers are good stewards of the land. They selectively and precisely spray only where necessary. We use drop-by-drop precision to produce the best crop. As a result, spraying becomes more cost-effective for the farmer and more sustainable for the planet.

Grain by Grain Precision

For many farmers, the harvest is their only revenue-generating opportunity. CNH Industrial’s brands’ smart combines provide grain-by-grain precision to maximize grain quality, while minimizing grain loss. Every crop that is harvested is optimized against the day’s variables. These include moisture levels and crop conditions, to maximize yield and ensure that every grain makes it to the grain bin, enhancing farmers’ profitability.

Hay & Forage
Cut by Cut Precision

Hay & Forage products must serve a diverse set of customers – from Small Mixed Farms to Livestock and Dairy Producers and even Commercial Hay & Biomass Production. Though these operations are all very different, they all depend on technology to maximize throughput. CNH Industrial’s brands offer Hay & Forage technology that can help every farmer increase productivity, decrease operator fatigue and most importantly produce high quality feed, fuel and bedding.

Orchard & Vineyard
Fruit by Fruit Precision

When working with permanent crops in orchards and vineyards, farmers need to take care of the individual fruits – but leave the plants themselves unharmed and healthy to produce season after season. Our automated systems deliver fruit-by-fruit precision by adjusting to varying plant height, ground level and picking speed to ensure a quality yield and a season on season productivity.

Source by Source Precision

Today’s farmers and contractors are constantly looking to optimize their businesses. CNH Industrial has been a consistent partner with solutions including alternative fuels and precision farming technologies such as New Holland PLM and Case IH AFS.

Since 2006, CNH Industrial, through New Holland Agriculture’s Clean Energy Leader Strategy, has provided a clear road map with regards alternative energy sources as a credible answer to our customers’ needs, combining alternative fuels and electrification solutions.

Our alternative fuels roadmap is the full solution for energy independence, focusing not only on vehicles but including solutions to capture and reuse methane in the farming cycle. Our technology produces fuel-grade methane from waste, enabling on-farm electricity production too.

Our Electrification roadmap will offer an array of products ranging from e-power generators to full electric agricultural and construction machines.