Orchard & Vineyard

Fruit by Fruit Precision

In orchards and vineyards, the care of the plant or tree is just as important as each harvest. The CNH Industrial automatic guidance system provides fruit-by-fruit precision to ensure that the right care is given to a wide variety of trees and fruit from olives and oranges, to almonds and grapes. Our automated shaking and cleaning systems are industry-leading technologies.

"Braud's Noria system is very respectful to the vine. Also, the destemmer gives us complete satisfaction. Some of my colleagues suggested to me the automatic steering system, which makes the work easier. I needed to have one myself. There's nothing comparable to a Braud."

- Andreas Jung
Niederhorbach, Germany


Our automatic guidance system uses an advanced 3D camera that scans the harvesting job ahead 33 times every second. It monitors the plants and terrain a full 10 meters ahead of the machine, and self-steers automatically along the canopy of the crop, even at high picking speeds. The camera is also equipped with infrared tech to work in even the darkest of nights since the characteristics of the fruit, specifically the sugar content, are often at their peak overnight. We can provide auto-guidance without GPS, enhanced U-turning, safety management and path planning, along with machine to machine connectivity.

Connected Platform

Along with precision and productivity, we add accountability and planning with our data collection and smart mapping. We support farmers with a dedicated app that tracks progress and yield, and maps the daily jobs done on each plot by each machine. Farmers can follow their tractor, sprayer or harvester, check on the work done, track movements during the night or coordinate several units in the same orchard. Quality selection control allows farmers to use prescription maps to select which bin to send different quality products into allowing them to continue harvesting without stopping to unload.

Customer Benefits & Value Summary

  • Less reliance on skilled operators with automated adjustments.
  • Reduced operator fatigue with automated guidance.
  • Improved logistics and fleet management with connected platform.
  • Lower dependency on labor and increased sustainability.

Vineyard Automation

  • 31% fuel savings per acre.¹
  • 10% CO2 reduction per acre.²

Esource Sprayer

  • 35% fuel savings per acre.³
  • 5% CO2 reduction per acre.²
  • 10% herbicide savings.⁴

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¹Based on savings driven by CNH Industrial Intelligent management system (IMS).

²A direct result of fuel savings.

³Based on electric power instead of using the PTO on the back of the tractor at a much higher throttle / engine rpm to do the spraying.

⁴Better design and application reduces overspray.