Drop by Drop Precision

When it is time to apply fertilizers and crop protection products, farmers can maximize profitability by improving productivity and minimizing waste to address the unique needs of each individual plant. Our smart sprayers are good stewards of the land by selectively and precisely spraying only where necessary, thus using optimal quantities to produce the best crop. As a result, spraying becomes more economical for the farmer and more sustainable for the planet.

“It’s all about dollars per acre and lowering those costs.
You’re getting more done and you’re out there a few hours less. That’s so important. The savings were instant and it was hard to imagine going back to something else.”

- Conrad Kjerstad
Wall, South Dakota


Our automated sprayers have more than 125 individual robotic microprocessors, that control up to 109 Nozzle bodies on a 135-foot boom with 15 inch nozzle spacing, allowing precise individual nozzle control across the boom. These microprocessors control how much product each nozzle sprays based on vehicle speed, turn velocity, and relative position across the boom; maintaining uniform coverage across an entire application and preventing damaged crop from over- or under-application. Each nozzles performance is monitored to inform the operator of the spray systems overall efficiency.

Connected Platforms

Our application controls integrate with our connected platform across a fleet of multiple machines operating from any location. Farmers can plan what needs to be done, monitor progress while fields are being covered, schedule a tender truck to refill products, and track where each operator started and ended when applying. Farmers can then save and share the AS-APPLIED maps (a digital geo-referenced record of each application pass) with their agronomists and other trusted partners to analyze and inform for future optimization.

Customer Benefits & Value Summary

  • Lower crop input costs with precise spraying technologies.¹
  • Better application quality with individual nozzle control.¹
  • Reduced operator fatigue and crop damage with vision guidance.¹
  • Improved logistics and fleet management with connected platforms.¹

Application Automation

  • 20% more acres/day.²
  • 15% less idle time.³
  • 10% product savings.⁴

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¹Conservative numbers received from customers on efficiency gains seen when using CNH Industrial connected services, application control products, software, and latest equipment.

²When using connected services and latest in CNH Industrial equipment.

³When using connected services.

⁴When using section control and VRA.