Grain by Grain Precision

For many farmers, harvest is their only revenue-generating opportunity. Our smart combines provide grain-by-grain precision to maximize grain quality, while minimizing grain loss. Every crop that is harvested is optimized against the day's variables to maximize yield and ensure that every grain makes it to the grain bin.

“The faster I can run, the more efficient I can run, the less hours I’m putting on my machine, and the more hours I’m able to spend at home. A little more sleep, better morale, happier life.”

- Brack Dean
Illinois, USA


The multitude of sensors in our combine measure everything from ground speed, crop and harvest conditions, to the quantity and quality of grain harvested. Our combine automation system utilizes 16 sensors, including a multi-spectral camera with an advanced artificial intelligence to optimize the combine’s performance. Every 20 seconds, our neural networks select the best action out of 280 million possibilities to maximize a farmer’s harvest.


Our driverless grain cart technology allows the combine operator to completely control the tractor speed, combine-tractor synchronization and the unloading of the grain into the grain cart. When commanded, the tractor uses Surround Sense system and artificial intelligence for object classification to automatically maneuver around obstacles, such as fences and unharvested crops. The tractor will return to a predetermined unloading area when the task is complete. The entire job is conducted with just one operator in the combine.

Connected Platforms

The Yield-Map (a digital geo-referenced record of the harvest pass) is the report card of a farmer's full year's efforts and decisions. Our connected platform apps enable farmers to aggregate information across every operation, every month of every season. Through our platform they can visualize multiple layers of data to gain better insights of the impact of their past decisions and make more informed decisions for the future. Our connected platforms and technologies make for a more efficient and profitable farm.

Customer Benefits & Value Summary

  • Increased yields and grain quality with automated settings.
  • Less reliance on skilled operators with automated adjustments.
  • Reduced operator fatigue with automated guidance.
  • Improved logistics and fleet management with connected platform.
  • Lower dependency on labor with Autonomy.

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