Soil by Soil Precision

The composition of soil can vary greatly from region to region, farm to farm, and field to field. These factors also change across the farmer's land, zone to zone, depending on factors such as crop rotation, climate, terrain, and basic soil type. Our Soil-by-soil precision technology solutions improve overall field health and increase crop yields, making farmers more profitable.

"I wish we had this (prescription tillage) 30 years ago ... it's exciting. I saw a (yield) increase that was enough to say 'wow, this is good. We need to make money, but I intend to take care of the land we own and rent. Prescription tillage is another important tool in the toolbox (to do that)."

- Dug Radcliff
Circleville, Ohio


When tilling soil, depth, compaction, clod size, and residue cover are all critical. Our tillage automation allows the operator to set the tilling depth to an accuracy of one-tenth of an inch, and our sensors will monitor and maintain this depth throughout the job, making adjustments as needed. Further, when the operator needs a new configuration, our tillage equipment utilizes onboard hydraulics and machine controllers to adjust themselves in a matter of seconds, while operating at a normal speed of up to 10 mph.


Our autonomous tillage technology builds on and expands upon our tractor and tillage platforms. Autonomous tillage delivers high productivity with consistent agronomic results and rich-data insights, for every operator or optionally with no operator at all. We can create smarter implements with anomaly detection, performance feedback and auto adjusting features for an industry first approach of differentiating agronomy with tillage autonomy.

Connected Platforms

Our machines are connected via our connectivity solutions. The AS-TILLED map (a digital geo-referenced record of the tillage pass) created by our tillage equipment is sent to the cloud and it provides farmers with valuable insights about their tillage performance which aids in decisions on proper genetics, seeding rate and/or nutrition in various zones within their field. Farmers can also share the AS-TILLED maps with their trusted advisors putting the farmer in control of who can see their data.

Customer Benefits & Value Summary

  • Less dependency on highly skilled operators.
  • Elevated job quality with tailored practice for each unique zone.
  • Reduced operator fatigue with automated end-of-row turns.

Soil Automation with Seedbed Sensors

  • 6 bushels/acre improvement¹.

Prescription (Rx) Tillage 

  • 9.5% productivity increase. Increase from 8.1 acres/hr to 8.9 acres/hr²
  • 17% fuel savings². 
  • 4% yield increase².
  • $36/acre total savings².

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¹Case IH field-scale agronomy research conducted at Mackinaw, IL in 2020. Spring Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivation in soybean stubble following no fall tillage.

²Case IH field-scale agronomy research conducted at Elizabeth City, NC in 2021. Data (productivity, fuel, total savings) was from 5 fields (~200 acres), soybean yield results were captured in 2 of those fields.