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Today's farmers and contractors are constantly looking to optimize their businesses and CNH Industrial has been a consistent partner with solutions like alternative fuels and precision technologies. Our customers are looking for energy solutions that can provide a strong return on investment while enhancing the environment.

“It’s a completely normal tractor - no limitations compared to a diesel equivalent. During operation, the use of biomethane is cheaper than the use of fossil diesel fuel. In this way, we save more than 10% of the fuel costs and at the same time contribute to climate protection."

- New Holland T6.180 Methane Power Customer


Zero emission solutions enhance value for agriculture and construction by delivering the latest step in the CNH Industrial's innovation plan. After the launch of the multi awarded e-Source power pack, to power electric implements, we achieved an important milestone within our announced electrification product plan by introducing the New Holland T4 Electric Power utility tractor, electric mini excavator, and the industry's first battery electric backhoe loader.

Electrification provides superb responsiveness and drivability. Electric vehicles can be operated indoors without exhaust fumes and costly emissions scrubbing technology. In addition, full electric means quieter operations. Reduced noise can allow equipment to work in municipal and urban areas without disturbing nearby community, even allowing nighttime operation. At the job site, reduced noise allows for improved communication and better operator and livestock wellbeing.

Alternative Fuels

CNH Industrial has already started the production and the commercialization of the world’s first 100% biomethane-powered production tractor, the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power.

At Tech Day, we also unveiled the new T7 Methane Power LNG pre-production prototype. This is yet another milestone in our sustainability track record of excellence, enabling farmers to be ever more sustainable, energy independent, and productive while improving their bottom lines. The new T7 Methane Power prototype tractor powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) will help our customers be even more sustainable. It enables farms to be both energy-independent and carbon-neutral. In fact, by generating biomethane from animal, crop, or food waste, farms can even achieve a negative carbon footprint. But what’s truly special about T7 LNG is that it is within the same packaging as a standard tractor, it delivers the same power, torque, and enough fuel for a good day’s work because by liquifying methane, it can store more in the same space than when it is compressed.

These machines are a key piece of technology in the virtuous cycle of a modern, energy-independent farm. They promote a circular economy in agriculture, with energy-independent farms solving an environmental problem and seeing farm profitability increase along with it. Our work toward full electric autonomy touches every area of energy-independent, circular-economy farming. CNH Industrial will continue to think years beyond our competitors.

Customer Benefits

  • Energy independence, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and its cost fluctuation.
  • Reduced to Zero emissions, even carbon negative with fugitive methane.
  • Reduced operating costs (fuel, fluids, maintenance).
  • Lower noise, vibrations, and better overall comfort.
  • Complies with stringent noise and emissions levels for municipalities also during nighttime.
  • Improve operator and livestock wellbeing, especially while working indoor.

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