Hay & Forage

Cut by Cut Precision

The cultivation of hay and forage for animal feed, bedding, or energy production is essential to our food and energy supplies. CNH Industrial's Hay & Forage equipment maximizes yield in the most energy efficient way possible with cut-by-cut precision so that farmers can be more sustainable.

“The system is absolutely amazing! With this Automation on a New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density you no longer need a professional operator to unlock 100% of the baler’s performance. The return on investment of a new baler will be much quicker with this!”

- Fernando Alvarez Guerra
La Luisiana, Spain


Our automated baling and forage harvesting systems take the guesswork out of the process, providing automatic steering, speed control, and bale weight controls. Our award-winning technology uses cameras and sensors to take away the need for manual intervention.

The LiDAR system forms the base for our Bale Automation. LiDAR emits a laser pulse to the area in front of the tractor. The pulse is then reflected by the surface of the field and row. The processor calculates position and shape of the row and then controls the position and speed of the tractor. The sensors inside the baler chamber measure crop flow to fine-tune the steering and speed to even further maximize capacity inside the baler to achieve high-quality bales.

In forage harvesting, our 3D camera system mounted on the spout of the Self Propelled Forage Harvester monitors the trailer to optimize position. The camera on the spout will follow the grain cart and adjust accordingly while the Forage Harvester operator can concentrate on driving safely and accurately in a field.

Connected Platforms

The Bale Manager App, belonging to our suite of digital tools, monitors real time machine data to optimize performance. Baler CANBUS data measures bale count, moisture content, bale size, crop cut length and amount of wrap used. Using the Bale Manager app, this data can be used to increase the baling performance and provide meaningful insights to operators. The app has an easy-to-use layout that allows the operator to create invoices in a professional format for billing and recording purposes.

Customer Benefits & Value Summary

  • Increasing productivity and bale quality with automated settings.
  • Reduced operator fatigue with automated guidance.
  • Increased sustainability with efficient fuel usage.

Tractor Baler Coordination

  • Up to 9% higher capacity and productivity compared to a fatigued operator.¹
  • Up to 4% reduction in fuel usage.¹

Bale Automation

  • Up to 15% productivity increase.¹
  • Up to 7% fuel savings.¹

Automated Trailer Filling

  • 5% fuel savings.¹
  • Less spillage of crops.¹

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¹Estimation based on the experience of CNH Industrial Field Test Team and Design Analysis & Simulation.