Highlights of CNH living its purpose every day

How we broke new ground in event management to advance sustainability

Learn how CASE ran a sustainability certified event in the UK.

CNH Changemakers – how Augmenta used AI, Computer Vision and Passion to disrupt traditional farming

Do you know the story behind Augmenta, the Ag Tech company we acquired last year?

Their Sense & Act capabilities are already at play to enrich our tech stack. And through Raven the Augmenta field analyzer is helping to optimize our customers’ operations.

Our latest Changemakers episode features Augmenta’s co-founder and our colleague George Varvarelis. His inspiring story is testament to how passion can be harnessed into game changing innovation.

Harvesting success with great iron and innovative tech

Discover where our biggest harvesting machines are developed and produced.

Upskilling the future of India’s construction industry

Since the start of last year our CASE Construction Equipment brand’s skill project has overseen the training of 244 young people from underprivileged backgrounds

CNH Introduces agriculture’s first accessible tractor

CNH Industrial is committed to delivering customer-inspired innovation that advances the noble work of farming. This includes serving our customers who are living with disabilities. The TL5 Accessible tractor has been designed for people with lower limb disabilities, enabling them to work in fields independently.

Pedal power for a sustainable future

Building off our purpose of Breaking New Ground, CNH led a cycling program called Biking New Ground that united over 1,000 employees and stakeholders from across Europe. This fantastic effort harnessed the power of cycling to promote a healthy lifestyle, sustainable mobility and inclusivity.

Changemakers – Episode 1

The story behind the world’s first methane-powered tractor and how we are enabling full energy independence on farms with Bennamann.

Rebuilding Communities – How CNH and Team Rubicon support disaster relief

CNH first partnered with Team Rubicon in 2015 through its CASE Construction Equipment brand. Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises.

Together we developed a heavy equipment training program that teaches volunteers the safe and effective use of construction equipment in disaster operations. Last year, we reached out to our CASE dealers to help support this great initiative and train even more volunteers.

Tractors for Tanzania

A photo gallery depicting how our New Holland Agriculture brand is helping to revolutionize mechanized farming in the country.

Our solar solution to air pollution

We are committed to building a sustainable future through the design and development of our products and the plants where we build them. We have set an emissions target to have a 90% share of renewable electricity at these sites by 2030.

Through interviews with employees and our Head of Energy, this video showcases how the solar panel installations at our sites are helping to attain our renewable energy goals.

EU coastline clean-up

CNH Industrial’s Beach Care Project raises awareness of the damaging impact plastic has on the marine environment, promotes the preservation of beach ecosystems and organizes beach clean-up operations. This video takes you to France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, showing how the multi-generational project has inspired young children right though to retirees.

Hear from experts, including an ecologist, marine researcher, and coastguard, who explain the environmental, social, touristic, and economic importance of beaches.

Supporting Education in Thailand

CNH Industrial actively supports the communities in which we operate. Our employees are committed to projects and initiatives that benefit those around them. And in Thailand, we have been doing just that by sponsoring and assisting with many education-based efforts.

Our Women Builders on the CASE

When a group of women from CNH Industrial’s CASE Construction Equipment brand volunteered for housing charity Habitat for Humanity, the results were amazing. Learn how their experience building homes for women in need in Wisconsin, USA not only taught them valuable teamwork skills, but also helped strengthen our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Interview: How we're rebuilding the farm virtually

CNH Industrial is committed to growing its tech stack to keep bringing groundbreaking solutions to market. With each strategic acquisition, our Research & Development capabilities grow. And better R&D means better results for our customers.

Upskilling women for careers in manufacturing & construction

Our training program for women in Brazil is creating new job opportunities and solving skilled worker shortages. Women are underrepresented in the Brazilian workforce. Especially in the agriculture and construction industries.

Straw management solution in India

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, CNH Industrial chose the village of Kallar Majri in the Punjab area of India to pilot its straw management technique. The results were impressive. The district eliminated all stubble burning by the end of the first year. Farmers quickly understood the benefits when they stopped this practice – reduced pollution, increased yield, and new income generation through the sale of their straw to power plants for renewable energy.

Following its initial success, the program has already been extended to an additional ten locations and a further eight locations are under evaluation.

Year-end celebration of social projects in Brazil

Throughout November and December CNH Industrial brought together, in the name of solidarity, the employees of its four Brazilian plants as part of our traditional end of year campaign ‘Natal Solidário’ (Solidarity at Christmas) in Contagem, Curitiba, Sorocaba and Piracicaba. Some 2,000 children, young adults, and the elderly, involved in our annual social projects, received gifts from our volunteer employees.

How CNH Industrial is shaping the future of agriculture

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S.A. is the location of CNH Industrial’s main innovation hub and headquarters for its Raven Brand.
This video goes behind-the-scenes at the Brand’s impressive HQ and at its R&D campus a few miles north, documenting the process of how we develop new technologies.

Our Education Programs in India Are Making A Difference

Education plays a vital role in the growth and development of a nation. Whether it is making learning resources available and affordable or raising children’s awareness of its importance for their future, progress happens when education is accessible to all.

The English philosopher Herbert Spencer famously said that “the great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

Root Cause: A Tree Planting Effort to Drive Biodiversity

The Chesapeake Bay watershed – a vast area on the US’s Eastern Seaboard – is not only home to a variety of trees, shrubs, and wildlife, but is also the birthplace of New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural brand of CNH Industrial.

Since it was founded in 1895, New Holland has maintained a campus in this area, and its employees are working with the local community to protect and improve the health of this unique and ecologically important expanse of waterway.

Women changing the face of agriculture

CNH Industrial, through its New Holland Agriculture brand is evolving tradition, and helping build a more inclusive culture by supporting women in farming. Meet some of the women who are changing the face of farming in Italy and see how they are using the latest New Holland agricultural equipment to increase production, improve quality and make agribusiness ever more sustainable.

Virtual Testing, Real Life Benefits

Agricultural equipment must operate safely and effectively in a range of environments, which makes testing complex, expensive, and challenging. By introducing virtual testing, CNH Industrial is streamlining the whole process.

The Connected Farm

This Connected Farm aims to demonstrate how rural connectivity increases in-field productivity, even in an already highly productive region. A 4G internet connection installed at the farm enables the entire operation, and its machines, to report data and be monitored by the new AFS (Case IH’s precision farming package) Connect Center, based at the Case IH Sorocaba Plant in the state of São Paulo.

Breaking New Ground:

Innovation Sustainability Productivity

Underpinning our 2024 strategic plan is the new company purpose: Breaking New Ground, which evokes CNH Industrial’s drive to move first to a place where others follow and continually search for better solutions and breakthrough ideas. The new company purpose is centered on Innovation, Sustainability and Productivity to accelerate CNH Industrial’s ability to help the global farming and construction communities meet the enormous challenge of feeding and sheltering a growing population.