Interview: How we're rebuilding the farm virtually

ShiVa Technologies - with its graphics engine technology - is one of the latest additions to our tech stack. This advanced software boosts efficiency to bring more innovation inside the farmer’s cab.

Jason Schildt, Director of Core Technologies, discusses this new development.

CNH Industrial is committed to growing its tech stack to keep bringing groundbreaking solutions to market. With each strategic acquisition, our Research & Development capabilities grow. And better R&D means better results for our customers.

Jason Schildt our Director of Core Technologies, talks about the recent acquisition of our previous partner and an exciting tech innovator – ShiVa Technologies, and their graphics engine technology.

Q: What is a graphics engine?

A graphics engine is a software that creates the images farmers see on their in-cab LCD screens.

It is essential to turning external data – relayed by the tractor’s telematics system – into live 3D animations of vehicle and field. This technology is now industry standard in tractors.

Q: Who are ShiVa and why is their hardware important to our Tech Stack?

ShiVa are a French company, based in Montpelier, who deliver a market-leading 3D graphics engine. Their team has been building graphics engines for over 30 years, primarily for the dynamic video game industry.

Think of the detailed 3D worlds seen in video games. They are only possible because of advanced graphics engines such as ShiVa’s.

ShiVa’s graphics engine is best-in-class. Following years of collaboration with our company, this felt like a natural move. Their innovations are vital to our future. And the future of agriculture.

Q: How does this technology benefit our customers?

This graphics engine technology offers the market’s most accurate digital visual recreation of a farmer’s entire operation.

We call this precise forecasting - showing our customers the big picture. It shows them how to make everything more efficient and productive. Not just what’s right outside their cab window.

Q: What are some examples of this in practice?

Precise forecasting means greater productivity. Farmers can ask questions like: ‘If I set these parameters, what’s going to happen?’ And they receive an instant visual response.

They can input field data and view detailed planting and harvesting simulations. Then get a complete analysis of exactly what they need for a more cost-effective operation – at the start of the day. And throughout the long workday, rich 3D renderings of their external surroundings on-screen mean they can see where any equipment or course adjustments are needed.

They can also check their operation’s effectiveness in real-time – and adjust accordingly to maintain maximum output. All without leaving the cab.

Q: How will our teams benefit?

In-housing ShiVa’s technology takes us to the next level.

Our developers now have ShiVa’s know-how and power directly at their fingertips. It’s going to help them create animations that are even smoother and more fluid.

This will make enhancements easier and faster. And we will work with even greater efficiency.

And when our developers are more productive, so are our customers.

Q: What does this mean for CNH Industrial?

We have incorporated an exciting technology and added known talent to our brilliant teams. And the best thing? We know it only gets better from here. We have placed ourselves in a prime position to keep innovating and delivering for our customers.

At CNH Industrial, we don’t stand still. This move to inhouse ShiVa is typical of our company’s purpose – Breaking New Ground. The investment does not stop now. We are actively searching for pioneering technologies and welcome collaboration.

With each move, we are effecting change. A meaningful change that drives us – and agriculture – forward.