How we broke new ground in event management to advance sustainability

Take a guess how our brand, CASE Construction Equipment, achieved certification for the UK’s first sustainable roadshow?

By planning, managing, and delivering an event featuring electric construction machinery and much more.

The two-day event held in Derbyshire, central England, was officially recognized with ISO 20121 certification. This was an important milestone as it reinforced our pledge to reduce our carbon footprint, one of our core areas of sustainability focus.

ISO 20121 is renowned internationally as a model for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in the planning and delivery of events.

The show featured two electric mini excavators, a mini track loader prototype and our inaugural electric compact wheel loader, which is now in full production. Customers were able to get to grips with them and learn more about how these machines will benefit their businesses.

Meanwhile, the event was carefully managed to limit environmental impact. Our caterers served with, and on, recyclable dishes and our staff carpooled to the event to reduce carbon emissions. 58% of the cars used were either hybrid or electric models, resulting in a 96kg reduction in CO2 emissions, equivalent to driving from London to Paris in an average car.

A roadshow of this kind featuring heavy construction machinery inevitably has an impact on the land, so we restored the site to the condition it was in before we arrived.

ISO 20121 certification was made possible through a totally new approach to event management. First applied at the 2012 London Olympics, the ISO 20121 standard sets out the require¬ments for organizing sustainable events in a way that has minimal impact on the envi-ronment and helps strengthen relationships with all stakeholders.

CASE was assisted by the Right Hub, a consultancy that specializes in helping companies with the documentation that is needed to gain ISO20121 certification. Tuev Nord were the auditors who attended the event and gave the certification.

“With new and improved machines on display, the CASE Roadshow provided an incredible opportunity for our customers and our dealers to meet and to try the very latest equipment. They were also able to see the future, with our growing electric line-up. More than that, the Roadshow provided CASE and CNH with an exciting opportunity to create our first certified ISO 20121 sustainable event,” said Ivona Nicol, Marketing Manager for Northern Europe.