CNH Industrial’s New Holland Agriculture brand has been busy Breaking New Ground in Tanzania, Africa

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The African country of Tanzania has a vision: to effect a sea-change in farming practices within the next three years. With greater access to mechanized agricultural equipment, its farmers have the potential to increase production and improve food security.


We are committed to supporting Tanzania as it helps its farmers. Our commitment began with New Holland delivering 200 new tractors to farmers and creating a coalition to provide them access to financing. This coalition included a local New Holland distributor, EFTA (Equity for Tanzania), and CRDB, one of Tanzania’s leading banks. Under the terms of the agreement, New Holland provided both tractors and financing to farmers who are too big for microfinance but too small for conventional banks.


CNH Industrial has built a strong presence in Tanzania. We hope to create more partnerships with a view to increasing agricultural mechanization in East Africa, and Kenya.


We stand with the farmers of Tanzania. By putting innovation and productivity in their hands, we will help them to achieve their goals.