CNH Industrial Suppliers play a key role in achieving our challenging business goals. They form our worldwide supply base on whom we rely for components and services, and make a fundamental contribution to CNH’s competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Company is supported by a dedicated Purchasing organization whose mission is to select best-in-class suppliers and to establish and develop a working partnership with them, focusing on opportunities for both parts’ businesses growth. Trust, fairness, transparency and respect for CNH’s core values form the basis of this important relationship.

We select our Suppliers by applying high standards for quality, price competitiveness, delivery, manufacturing processes, innovation and sustainability.

Information and tools for current CNH suppliers are available on the dedicated Supplier Portal.

The portal is a protected online environment that brings together CNH supplier resources and information our Suppliers need to successfully conduct business with us.

In the section dedicated to companies interested in collaboration with CNH Industrial it is possible to request to be added in our database for potential suppliers.

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