Stock Information

Stock Information

  • Shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNH) (CUSIP N20944 109) and settled through the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”). Shares were also previously listed on Euronext Milan (ISIN NL 0010545661) and settled through Monte Titoli S.p.A. (“MT”) in Italy until their delisting from Euronext Milan occurred on January 2, 2024. Starting from that date, shares are solely listed on the NYSE. Settlement occurs one business day after trading [T+1].
  • Global Registrar is Computershare, with Computershare Trust Company, N.A. (“Computershare US”) managing shares settled by DTC and Computershare S.p.A. (“Computershare Italy”) managing shares settled by MT.
  • Common Shares may be maintained through a broker/bank/financial intermediary participant either in the US clearing system (DTC) or the Italian clearing system (MT), or in the name of the shareholder on the register maintained by Computershare.
  • Because MT maintains a participant account within DTC, investors can request their broker/financial intermediary to move the Common Shares from MT to DTC. The transfer can be dealt with in normal circumstances in 2 business days, but this will depend on intermediaries involved. Please contact your broker for more information on this process.
  • Shareholders whose Common Shares are registered in Loyalty Registers (maintained by Computershare US and Computershare Italy) outside the regular trading system, may, at any time, request the de-registration and to move Common Shares back to the regular trading system – within an intermediary participant in the DTC or MT system – to be able to sell.
  •  EPS and market cap is calculated on Common Shares outstanding only.

Stock Codes

The CUSIP and Bloomberg codes for the Company’s common shares are as follows:

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

CUSIP: N20944 109
Bloomberg: CNH:US

The ISIN code used for Euronext Milan is still active, even though the stock is solely listed on the NYSE as of Jan. 2, 2024:
ISIN: NL0010545661


Shareholder Information

Computershare US

Registered shareholders may contact the Transfer Agent and Registrar by:


855 807 3164
(from within the US)
+1 732 491 0514
(from outside the US)


Computershare Trust Company NA
PO BOX 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000
overnight delivery:
462 South 4th Street
Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Computershare Italy

Shareholders whose shares are deposited with a Monte Titoli Participant may contact:


+39 011 092 3200


+39 011 092 3202


Via Nizza 262/73 10126 Turin (Italy)