Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina, and Sergio Marchionne, Chairman of the Fiat Industrial Group, were present for the opening of the tractor and harvester production facility that the company has built in its...

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The Fiat Industrial Group has invested over US$ 130 million to build two facilities for the manufacturing of combine harvesters, mid and high horsepower tractors and state of the art  technology  diesel engines  for the domestic market and for exportation.

Ferreyra, Córdoba -- (May 7, 2013) -- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina, and Sergio Marchionne, Chairman of the Fiat Industrial Group, were present for the opening of the tractor and harvester production facility that the company has built in its manufacturing complex in Ferreyra, Córdoba. The new facilities will produce state of the art agricultural machinery and engines for the Fiat Industrial brands of Case IH, New Holland and Fiat Powertrain. The products are the most modern of their kind in the country and they are the outcome of an investment plan of over US$ 130 million carried out by Fiat Industrial since 2011.

"This plant’s construction is the clearest sign of our confidence in the leading role we believe that this country continues to occupy as a producer of agricultural commodities on a global scale," said Sergio Marchionne. And then he added: "We undertook to build this industrial complex just two years ago and today we're witnessing world class technology equipment being produced in support of domestic agricultural production in Argentina and as a platform for the exportation for other markets worldwide".

The 210,000 m² complex is fitted with advanced features such as paint systems based on nanotechnology and fully-automated welding robots. In addition, the architectural design of the facility is based on environmentally based  construction principles  in order to  reduce energy consumption and protect the local environment.

The factory layout and work process organization have been designed considering the concept of operator ergonomics,  and to promote workers’ health and safety. The new plant will generate  up to 600 direct and 1,500 indirect jobs, in addition to the 800 existing positions that both Case IH and New Holland have in their dealer network.

"Argentinian farmers and contractors are some of the most demanding and discerning customers for agricultural equipment as they strive to compete on productivity and crop yield in the global marketplace; the machines and technology employed in our new facilities are a recognition of these realities. The Fiat Industrial Group, through both the Case IH and New Holland brands is proud of our long history in the Argentina agricultural machinery market and the support that we have received from our dealers and customers," said Richard Tobin, Global COO of Fiat Industrial.

The new plant, sized to produce up to 2,000 harvesters, 4,000 tractors and 50,000 engines per year, is already in operation, manufacturing world-class equipment, such as the four models of 380-480 hp axial combines, various models of tractors ranging from 190 to 250 hp, special tractors ranging from 65-85 hp, and 55-530 hp engines characterized by their high technology, low power consumption and reduced environmental impact.


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