Case New Holland and Iveco’s parts distribution center in Sorocaba (SP) was recently awarded LEED Gold certification, granted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit organization...

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The building is the first distribution center in the Latin American auto parts sector to earn such an important environmental certificate

SAO PAOLO, Brazil -- (May 2, 2012) -- Case New Holland and Iveco’s parts distribution center in Sorocaba (SP) was recently awarded LEED Gold certification, granted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable future through the development of energy efficient buildings and the environment. This is the first distribution center in Latin America's auto parts sector to achieve this important environmental certification.

"From the beginning, CNH and Iveco planned the distribution center with the Green Building concept because they believe in the efficiency of processes and sustainable practices adopted by the organization. The goal of this Fiat Industrial venture was to adopt green technologies throughout the project, from the construction site to the materials used, while always keeping  in mind ways to minimize the impact to the environment and the local community, and to create a pleasant environment for employees," said Pierre Fleck, President of Parts & Services for CNH and Iveco.

The process with the Green Building Council began in 2008 with the approval of the construction project for the distribution center under the green building concept framework. Over the years, the two Fiat Industrial companies developed and complied with the requirements for certification, while using sustainable practices. Currently, 477 Brazilian projects are registered with the USGBC and 44 have earned LEED certification, which has different levels that include Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To achieve certification, the distribution center project was based on the Green Building Council’s five pillars: site planning (design, construction and operation of buildings and built spaces), management of water consumption, power, correct use of materials, and quality of the work environment.

The development of the building was carried out in line with the requirements and guidelines for posing minimal impact to the local community and the environment. To this end, specific landscaping and gardening projects were implemented around the center. The large green area allows water absorption by the soil, preventing the silting of water sources, as well as creates many shaded areas.

Furthermore, for the building to meet requirements for efficiency in water consumption,  a tank for water reuse was built with a system for capturing, containing and recycling rain water. One hundred percent of the water not used for consumption is reusable, and in the case of torrential rains, the tank also acts as a flow controller, which thwarts large runoff from flowing to the stream that receives the rainfall.

Another important point that the Case New Holland and Iveco parts distribution center had to follow was the energy pillar. White metal tiles were installed to provide a high degree of solar reflectance (ability to reflect sunlight to prevent warming of indoor areas). These tiles feature rock wool filling that improves thermal comfort on both hot and cold days. Four percent of the center's roof further features an area covered with special translucent tiles that allow light to enter, but filter the passage of heat, saving energy for lighting. Another form of savings was the use of natural lighting in offices through large glass-covered areas.

"Compared to similar buildings, the CNH and Iveco distribution center has overall water consumption that is 30% lower on average, and the energy savings are almost 40%," said Jose Roberto Manis, Director of Operations, CNH Parts Latin America.

Due to strict controls in the use of materials, more than 53% of all used in construction contained recycled components. "This was very important and required by the USGBC. We used various materials, for example, the office floorings were manufactured with a high content of recycled raw materials. We received statements from our suppliers confirming that a high percentage of raw materials purchased by CNH and Iveco for the center were recycled and recyclable," says Maurício Gouveia, After Sales Director, Iveco Latin America.

The project also included other sustainable initiatives aimed at encouraging company employees to respect the environment. A bike rack was installed near the locker rooms and showers to show support for the use of non-polluting means of transportation. In addition, vehicles powered by renewable fuels, or carrying two or more people are entitled to privileged parking, which is aimed at encouraging employees to take actions for the environment.

All of these measures contributed to CNH and Iveco’s parts distribution center becoming the first certified Green Building in Latin America in the auto-mechanical parts segment.


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