New Holland Agriculture was presented with two awards for engineering innovation by the Agrosalon 2010 Exhibition committee.

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MOSCOW, Russia - (October 18, 2010) - New Holland Agriculture was presented with two awards for engineering innovation by the Agrosalon 2010 Exhibition committee. Held from the 6th to the 9th of October 2010 at the "Crocus Expo" International Exhibition Center in Moscow, Agrosalon is one of the most important agricultural fairs in Russia, and is attended by leading Russian and foreign agricultural equipment manufacturers.

New Holland Agriculture received two Gold medals recognizing its development of innovative farming technologies with practical benefits on production, for the CSX7000 combine's Opti-Fan(TM) system and the FR9000 forage harvester's IntelliFill(TM) system. New Holland has once again confirmed its proven reputation for technical ingenuity to the benefit of Russian farmers.

Opti-Fan(TM) system takes Gold

Advanced features, such as SmartSieve(TM), enable the CSX7000 to maintain high productivity levels with low grain loss when working across slopes. Sensors monitor the inclination of the combine and adjust the throw of sieves to ensure that crop flows evenly through the combine and does not gather on the down-slope side.

The gold-medal winning Opti-Fan(TM) system takes combine performance on slopes to the next stage, with automatic compensation for continuous uphill or downhill gradients. The fan speed control system senses the combine's angle of ascent or descent and automatically adjusts the cleaning fan speed to compensate. The operator sets the level-field fan speed and the system reduces the speed when travelling uphill and increases it when travelling downhill to optimise the material layer thickness on the cleaning shoe. No extra work is required from the driver, losses are reduced and the grain sample is improved.

Automatic Trailer Tracking gets Gold

The FR9000's IntelliFill(TM) system allows the operator to fill a trailer accurately and with minimal losses, even when visibility is limited. The automatic trailer tracking system uses a specialized 3D camera mounted under the spout to guide the crop flow into the trailer. The system ensures a uniform fill whether the trailer is alongside the forage harvester, or following, in the case of starting new fields.

The spout-mounted sensor creates a distance image of the trailer and its surroundings, based on NIR (Near Infra Red) technology. Unlike conventional mono or stereo camera systems, which have poor depth perception, the New Holland tracking system can accurately position the crop flow to a distance of 20 metres.

The driver benefits from improved operating comfort and safety, and is able to concentrate on the front of the machine and increasing work rate. During long working days, and even in the dark, the automatic spout guidance will consistently reduce spoilage of crop, thus increasing the overall quality of work of the forage harvester.

New Holland Agriculture offers a full line of equipment, which includes the locally built T8000 and T9000 tractors ranging from 325 to 525 hp and the CSX7000 combine harvesters in the 272-300 hp range. Today the brand is market leader in the combine segment and is among the top players in the tractor, tillage and seeding equipment segments.


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