New Holland Agriculture has won the Silver medal at the SIMA innovation awards 2011 for its Crop ID(TM)...

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TURIN, ITALY - (December 7, 2010)

- Silver innovation medal for Crop ID(TM) system for BB9000 range of large square balers

- Real-time information recorded for every individual bale

- Instantaneous recall of information for precision selection

- Accurate inventory monitoring

- Fully integrated into Precision Farming software for increased productivity and profitability

New Holland Agriculture has won the Silver medal at the SIMA innovation awards 2011 for its Crop ID(TM) system developed for the BB9000 range of large square balers. This innovative technology was recognised by the jury as it will enable users to identify each and every individual bale thanks to a highly sophisticated tagging system, increasing baling accuracy and productivity.

Individual bale real-time data logging

New Holland's award-winning Crop ID(TM) system enables operators and producers to record information in real time about every bale. As the bale passes through the chamber, an empty radio frequency ID tag is applied when the second knot is tied. When the bale exits the chamber and passes off the chute, the information recorded by the Crop ID(TM) Precision Information Processor is transferred onto the tag via an antenna which sits at the end of the upper part of the bale chamber.

The Crop ID(TM) Precision Information Processor records the average moisture reading for the entire bale, together with the highest value for an individual section, courtesy of New Holland's available advanced moisture sensor system. This system uses two star wheels that fully penetrate the bale to provide an extremely accurate measurement of the moisture content.

The amount of Crop Saver preservative applied to the bale, which is determined by the precision moisture reading, is also noted when using the Crop Saver applicator. Calculated using New Holland's award-winning bale weighing technology, together with the GPS location of the bale, the weight of the bale, a date and time stamp and a bale and field code for reference are also logged on the tag.

Individual bale identification

This advanced system, another innovative industry-first for New Holland, will revolutionise bale management. Previously, bales were identified by crude, spray-paint tags and bale quality could only be measured on a large-scale, leading to large fluctuations in individual bale quality and the subsequent impact when they were used as fodder.

To ensure the correct bale is selected for every situation, the Crop ID(TM) tag can be quickly and easily read via a radio frequency managed scanner which is fitted to either the loading machine or used as a hand held device, depending on the requirements and the preference of individual operator. Quick selection is guaranteed as the tag does not even have to be visible for a successful scan.

New Holland’s bale weighing system has been fully integrated with Crop ID(TM) technology. This solution is unique in the industry, as it transmits the weight of the bale leaving the chute to the antenna, via a processor, which enables this accurate reading to be recorded onto the tag in real time. This transforms the Crop ID(TM) solution from a mere ‘bale tagger’ into an advanced management system.

The jury was particularly impressed by the vast range of information stored together with the instantaneous feedback which enables operators to select bales of the correct quality and moisture content. Bob Hatz, Hay & Forage and Crops Product Management, explained the advantages of this system: "This revolutionary system enables the selection of individual bales to guarantee optimal feed quality for livestock and horses, boosting profitability and productivity."

He continued: "It also allows accurate inventory monitoring and ensures that precision loads can be sent for shipping with exact information declared to customs authorities. Furthermore, it enables contractors to provide accurate reports to buyers concerning the quality of specific bales."

Part of the Precision Farming package

The Crop ID(TM) system will form an integral part of New Holland's advanced precision farming package. Users can download a log detailing the exact data relating to each and every individual bale. Moreover, as users will benefit from precise yield and field mapping data, they will be able to fine tune their inputs in order to increase their levels of productivity and profitability for future seasons.

Bale identification allows the user to accurately identify the crop conditions coming off the field with additional bale testing. This data, when combined with Crop ID(TM) tag info will allow the operator to customize his field needs from re-seeding to fertilizer application requirements when used with his mapping software.


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