CNH: €150 million investment in Harvesting Center of Excellence

The company is expanding its R&D and production capabilities at the New Holland Harvesting Center of Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium, with its five-year investment plan.

Zedelgem, January 17, 2024

CNH announces the latest phase in its five-year investment plan concerning its R&D and production facility in Zedelgem, Belgium. The €150 million sum is focused on further development and production of the new CR11, the next generation flagship combine harvester from our New Holland brand. This next phase will result in a completely redesigned assembly line and logistics area.

CNH is the global leader in combine harvesters. The new CR11 was awarded the only gold innovation medal at the agricultural industry’s largest global trade show, Agritechnica, in late 2023.

The strategic improvements foreseen include modifications to the assembly line to enhance agility and speed, the renovation and extension of the logistics area; and the introduction of the all-new CR11 range with 7,000 new parts being added to the manufacturing logistics area.

The production lines for the New Holland CX, CR and brand new CR11 combine harvesters will be merged for greater manufacturing flexibility. A new U-shape setup will integrate four testing stations within the production line to streamline the process. In addition, the introduction of a wireless automated system to guide vehicles enables different models to be assembled on the same line, at the same time.

These improvements will further enhance the flexibility of our operations and increase the level of high-tech manufacturing, supporting CNH's ability to adapt to dynamic market trends and demand.

"For almost 120 years, our Zedelgem Center of Excellence has been renowned for manufacturing machines at the forefront of innovation. The highly specialized harvesting equipment sector is strategic for CNH and our New Holland brand has a leading position in this segment,” said Tom Verbaeten, Chief Supply Chain Officer at CNH. “As a former Zedelgem plant manager, I'm delighted to see the site continuing to innovate to deliver high quality products that generate tremendous value for our customers."