CNH launches innovation space in startup hub Habitat Senai Corporações

Curitiba, October 27, 2023

CNH inaugurated its innovation space in Habitat Senai Corporações in the Fiep (Industrial Federation of Paraná State) system on Thursday, October 26. The new partnership aims to enhance the industry's competitiveness, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange between companies, startups and universities, expanding the potential to develop technological and innovative solutions and services that meet market demands.

“We are a company focused on innovation. This partnership with Habitat Senai Corporações expands our relationships, facilitates the exchange of expertise that enable innovative solutions and services that meet real transformational needs,” said Rafael Miotto, President, Latin America at CNH.

Being a member of the Fiep innovation hub makes all the difference, as companies can expand opportunities, strengthening the State's innovation ecosystem and benefit from support and encouragement from the system itself. As one of the 10 most innovative companies in the country, and the most innovative in the sector according to the Valor Inovação 2023 Yearbook, CNH is a point of reference for open and collaborative innovation, and for many years has invested in strengthening the innovation ecosystem and knowledge promotion networks, through partnerships and incentives for research and development, establishing partnerships with different sectors.

Created in 2011, Habitat Senai Corporações is a collaborative space to exchange experiences between innovative companies and the Fiep system. The hub aims to establish a partnership relationship between Senai and Brazilian and foreign corporations that wish to carry out projects in education, research, development and innovation, using Habitat's infrastructure, consultancy services and applied research. Banco CNH sponsors this initiative and is the only bank in the segment involved in Habitat.