A new life for used components: A Sustainable Year story

Basildon, July 6, 2023

Curious about the benefits of remanufactured parts over new parts? Our latest story in the A Sustainable Year series explores the world of CNH Industrial Reman.

Remanufacturing significantly reduces the environmental impact of our operations, extends the life of our products, and is significantly faster compared to the time it takes to manufacture a new part. The process requires 80% less energy than producing equivalent new parts, so our customers reduce their carbon footprint, benefit from faster delivery times, and save money. Bruce Krueger, General Manager of CNH Industrial Reman North America, discusses the winning traits of remanufacturing at CNH Industrial in this story.

An accompanying interview with renowned expert Dr. Nabil Nasr, Director of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability and CEO of the REMADE Institute, spotlights remanufacturing, and the changes needed to foster innovation.

At CNH Industrial, sustainability stewardship is one of our strategic priorities. The practice of remanufacturing brings significant financial advantages while also supporting our environmental goals.

Read the story and interview here: bit.ly/CNH_Remanufacturing