London, January 23, 2023

CNH Industrial has been notified by the United Auto Workers (UAW) that on January 21, 2023, its members ratified a new labor contract agreement for the CNH Industrial employees working at the Racine, WI and Burlington, IA plants, ending an ongoing strike.

The employees voted on, and accepted, a Last, Best and Final Offer presented by CNH Industrial to the UAW after a mediation session conducted by U.S. Secretary of Labor, Martin Walsh.

“I would like to thank our bargaining team, the UAW leadership, and Mr. Walsh, who helped us navigate the complexities of the negotiation process and end the strike,” said Scott W. Wine, Chief Executive Officer, CNH Industrial. “We look forward to welcoming our employees back to work, building the machines that help our customers feed the world and build its essential infrastructure.”

CNH Industrial is pleased to have a new contract in place that is fair and equitable for its UAW-represented employees. This contract provides a framework for the Company to better serve our customers and compete in the global marketplace.

The UAW represents approximately 1100 hourly employees at CNH Industrial manufacturing facilities in Burlington, IA and Racine, WI.