Customer – centric innovation – How CNH Industrial is shaping the future of agriculture 

London, November 22, 2022

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S.A. is the location of CNH Industrial’s main innovation hub and headquarters for its Raven Brand. 

This video goes behind-the-scenes at the Brand’s impressive HQ and at its R&D campus a few miles north, documenting the process of how we develop new technologies. “Here we collaborate with and listen to our customers to help advance farming through innovation,” says Erin Rinehart, Director of Strategic Marketing, Raven. Customer input and feedback accelerate the development cycle.

We meet some of the passionate Raven employees and their customers, and see new products being tested as well as data gathered, processed, and analyzed. Raven is breaking new ground in digital agriculture, precision technology and autonomous systems and putting innovation to work.

Watch here: