With the aim of increasing productivity and reducing customer operating costs in the field, CNH Industrial, together with Raízen, through Pulse, its innovation hub, present one of the solutions that is the result of the partnership signed three years ago. Through an operator interface, companies use the Internet of Things (IoT) to anticipate and identify, for example, the need for machine repair. As a result, it was possible to verify benefits such as greater availability of equipment in a short period of time and reduction in maintenance costs, ensuring more proactive operations, while improving customer experience.

With more efficient management, the project, developed over time by the two companies, captured real-time information and could identify, for example, when a machine was over-consuming fuel. Once detected, the monitoring team acted remotely and resolved the problem immediately. To this end, operators now have a cell phone in the machine's cabin, which serves as an interface to load data onto the platform and helps evaluate the machine’s performance. Processed information contributes to support processes and improves decision making in the field.

“The benefits of the application include greater agility and reduced downtime, reduced maintenance and increased productivity. For example, downtime has been slashed in some cases from 2h12min to just 12 minutes with the use of this system. Additionally, when compared to corrective maintenance, the technology contributes to a 88% reduction in repair costs”, explains Divaldo Pessoa, Raízen's Automotive Maintenance Manager.

According to Henrique Oliveira, head of Connected Services Development at CNH Industrial, with this partnership the company seeks to ensure a learning journey that generates value for all those involved throughout the chain, with a relentless focus on the end customer. CNH Industrial has sponsored Pulse for over three years, and during this time, it has used the space to further strengthen the open innovation ecosystem, allocating teams to the hub's infrastructure and encouraging the development of new technologies. “Being at Pulse and ‘oxygenating’ our teams is an opportunity. The teams involved in this project were able to work in a collaborative environment focused on the needs of those in the field. Therefore, since the pilot, our actions and decisions have been based on improving our customers' results”, says Oliveira.​​