Accelerating Artificial Intelligence capabilities to sustainably advance agriculture

London, December 9, 2022

CNH Industrial Ventures has acquired a 10% minority stake in Stout Industrial Technology (Stout). The US-based startup is focused on smart implements for agriculture that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Enhancing our See & Act machine learning capabilities
See & Act allows machines to carry out tasks based on sensor-detected data. Stout has demonstrated results in this field with their Smart Cultivator – a software controlled implement for tractors that uses cameras, AI and proprietary vision technology to distinguish crops from weeds. Once identified, the implement simultaneously cultivates crops and removes weeds.

Ultimately this technology simplifies cultivating and weeding for our customers, letting them perform the tasks simultaneously – and without the use of chemicals. Stout’s existing platform expands our mechanical weeding product offering and will accelerate our development of further cultivation solutions. Stout machines will soon be distributed via our New Holland brand’s dealer network.

Smart implement technology is one of the many ways that CNH Industrial is Breaking New Ground for the world’s farmers.