London, May 12, 2021

Fabio Belasco, Health and Safety specialist for CNH Industrial in Brazil, is a man on a mission. The goal? To achieve zero-waste at all of the Company’s manufacturing plants right across the country. An ambitious target but one that is already within reach. Follow CNH Industrial’s path to zero-waste across South America at:

For CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) the creation of a circular approach in its manufacturing processes is one aspect of the Company’s sustainability priority “Life Cycle Thinking”. This latest Top Stories installment focuses on how this vision is becoming a reality at CNH Industrial’s seven manufacturing plants in Brazil.

The centerpiece of the article is an in depth interview with Fabio Belasco, CNH Industrial’s Regional Environmental Health and Safety Manager. He is the driving force behind the multiple initiatives that have been set up to implement the zero-waste strategy at the Company’s manufacturing facilities in Brazil.

And the key to the success? “It’s about changing people’s approach to waste and getting them to care about the environment,” says Belasco. “We have clear goals and a roadmap. We are changing their mindset, which increases engagement.” Worm farms installed at the New Holland Construction plant in Contagem, and a waste-reduction program at New Holland Agriculture’s plant in Curitiba are just two of the initiatives described in the article.

The zero-waste strategy is making a real difference and the results speak for themselves: twelve months ahead of the 2020 target, six of the Company’s seven plants in Brazil sent zero waste to landfill, while across CNH Industrial’s operations in South America, 99.7 percent of waste is recycled. Overall the plants have created 15 percent less waste in the past two years.

Learn more about CNH Industrial’s path to zero-waste in South America at: