London, December 20, 2021

New Holland Agriculture, a global agriculture brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), has been awarded two silver medals in the prestigious Agritechnica Innovation Awards for its new Baler Automation System and Combine Residue Automation System. The awards are determined by an independent expert commission appointed by The DLG German Agricultural Society, organizer of the international Agritechnica fair. This edition received over 160 qualifying submissions and awarded one gold and 16 silver medals.

New Holland’s first silver medal-winning Baler Automation System is a notable step towards fully automated farming. It significantly improves the baling process by delivering multiple benefits in terms of productivity (more bales per day), operator comfort and safety (automated adjustments and overload prevention for handsfree baling), fuel efficiency (maximized output leading to lower costs for the famer) and bale quality. It ensures all of this by providing automatic guidance and speed adaptation and implementing a reliable Lidar (light detection and ranging) sensor with IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). An advanced feature of this system uses an algorithm that allows the operator to set the desired bale weight, resulting in consistent final bales that are perfect in shape and high in quality independent of changing crop and yield conditions, all without the operator’s intervention.

The second silver winner is the New Holland Combine Residue Automation System, featuring the use of 2D radars and a patented closed loop algorithm. These work to obtain an accurate, easy-to-read spreading pattern image of the residue particles behind the combine harvester no matter the outside conditions. The achieved result is even residue distribution which increases uniformity and yield for the following crop, improving profitability for farmers and allowing them to fully concentration on the harvesting process. This system also contributes to creating the best soil conditions as it requires less tillage and reduces ground compaction, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per hectare of farmland.

These latest awards recognize CNH Industrial’s continued excellence in industry leading solutions for the world’s farmers and highlight the Company’s drive for unmatched operator efficiency. New Holland’s Baler Automation and Combine Residue Automation systems mark another milestone along the pathway to the realization of the Company’s vision: “Sustainably advancing the noble work of global agricultural and construction workers.” ​​