​Turin, 31 August 2021

In order to continue pursuing its sustainable mobility goals and to meet changing needs regarding home-work commuting, from 1 September CNH Industrial will make MYshuttle! available to employees of the North Turin District (Via Puglia/Lungo Stura Lazio). The innovative “on demand” company shuttle service, complements public transport and is based on a unique application.

Using MYshuttle!, in a few easy steps, CNH Industrial employees will be able to reach their workplace, booking shuttle rides as needed. The service will connect the main public transport terminals (intermodal exchanges) in the surrounding area with all the entrances to the CNH Industrial district and will be operational during the busiest times, both in the morning and the evening. It will be free and will use two new IVECO Daily 22-seat methane minibuses with low environmental impact.

MYshuttle! is enabled by Via technology, a leader in TransitTech solutions to transform public mobility. The efficient proprietary technology for grouping multiple passengers headed in a similar direction in a single vehicle further reduces the environmental impact of passenger transport. Via has more than 500 partners, including municipalities, public transport agencies, businesses and school districts around the world, and the partnership with CNH Industrial is the first in Italy.

The service will be operated by Bus Company Srl, one of the major passanger transport companies in Piedmont, active both in local public transport and in bus rental in the provinces of Cuneo and Turin, and which boasts a consolidated partnership with CNH Industrial.

Kristof Breyne, HR Business Partner for the Agriculture segment for CNH Industrial, said: “MYshuttle! represents a very important solution and service to our business community.

Once again our company confirms its ongoing focus on people and the environment, pursuing the path of sustainable and innovative mobility. With MYshuttle!, we can help employees get to work by offering a service integrated with the city’s system, a highly customizable, safe service in line with the demands for flexibility, which the new social and working evolution require”.

Daniela Ropolo, Head of Sustainable Development Initiatives for CNH Industrial, said: “CNH Industrial has always been one of the international players in the world of transport and MYshuttle! offers a tangible interpretation of the ‘Smart Mobility’ concept and the link with sustainable mobility, technology and innovation, all factors that are integrated into the mobility of tomorrow. MYshuttle! facilitates intermodality, is integrated into the HomeWork Travel Plan and is a perfect model of intergenerationality”.

Enrico Galleano, Chief Executive Officer for Bus Company, said: “Innovative solutions at the service of sustainable mobility are a guiding idea of our Group. We are proud to implement it in this significant initiative, in synergy with an industrial partner of such high profile and prestige as CNH Industrial, which I would also define as the ideal partner for cutting-edge solutions. Our hope is that the service presented today will be a first step with a view to continuity and future developments”.

Chris Snyder, CEO of Via Europe, said: “Via’s mission is to build fair, flexible and accessible transportation systems around the world and we are proud to present our first service in Italy in collaboration with CNH Industrial. MyShuttle! will improve the daily transportation experience for the company’s employees in Turin, while also enhancing access to public transport through easy first and last mile transport connections. We look forward to working with CNH Industrial to demonstrate how technology-enabled employee transportation can be a solution for other companies across Italy”.