​​​London, September 17, 2020

For the sixth consecutive year, CNH Industrial has returned to the saddle as the Main Sponsor of the initiative promoted by Legambiente (an Italian non-profit environmentalist association), sponsored by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and organized in conjunction with VeloLove (a pro-cycling movement) and Euromobility (a non-profit organization to promote mobility in business). The goal, as ever, is to promote the use of cycling and other electric micromobility solutions for commuting to work or study, as part of European Mobility Week (September 16-22).

The Giretto d’Italia (Tour of Italy) event is celebrating its tenth anniversary in what is a particularly challenging context. The restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have, on the one hand, further raised awareness of environmental sustainability. On the other hand, particularly through the increase in remote working, the restrictions have already reduced travel between home and work (whether by conventional means of travel, or transportation with low or zero environmental impact). Legambiente wanted to recognize this trend by launching “virtual checkpoints” to draw attention to companies that, such as CNH Industrial, have long since adopted this environmentally friendly way of working on a large scale.

Across two days, specifically Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 September, Legambiente used its checkpoints to monitor all employees who chose to cycle to work at CNH Industrial. Participating in the initiative this year were the manufacturing plants of Brescia (producing medium-duty commercial vehicles), Bolzano and Vittorio Veneto (defense and civil protection vehicles), Jesi and San Matteo (tractors), Lecce (construction machinery), Modena (components for agricultural machinery), Piacenza (heavy duty quarry trucks), Pregnana Milanese (marine engines), San Mauro (offices), Suzzara (light commercial vehicles) and Turin (offices and an engine and transmission plant).

Daniela Ropolo, Head of Sustainable Development Initiatives for CNH Industrial, said: “This year our participation in the Giretto d'Italia saw us at the forefront, including through smart working: in fact, the many colleagues who worked from home on September 15 and 17 contributed to underlining the environmental sustainability of this business initiative. Even before the pandemic helped to promote remote working in all sectors of the economy, we at CNH Industrial had given all our employees in Italy, with compatible jobs, the opportunity to work from home one day per week, an increase from almost 5,000 people in 2019 to over 7,000 today. This shows that we care about environmental issues, as well as a healthy work-life balance for our employees.”