Lowering the impact of logistics: the latest Top Story available on CNHIndustrial.com

London, May 27, 2020

A deep dive into the subject of logistic processes would usually only appeal to a select group of professional experts. This article, however, with its behind-the-scenes style narrative and first-hand accounts, offers a unique and engaging glimpse into how CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), one of the world’s largest capital goods companies, manages to transport its finished vehicles from the factory gate to the final customer. Come with us on a trip on a transcontinental railway, provide you with a never before seen perspective as we hoist vans into the air, and learn about how this is accomplished with ultra-low CO2 emissions. Discover how quality and efficiency together with minimal environmental impact are the Company’s watchwords.

CNH Industrial leads by example. This latest Top Story explores the innovative solution created to manage a challenging situation involving the transportation of IVECO Daily vans from where they are produced in Suzzara, Italy right through to dealerships and the end customers in northern Europe. Through interviews with key stakeholders and informative images, we learn how CNH Industrial’s logistic’s team devised a whole new transport model providing a sustainable and highly efficient business solution to a complex issue.

Find out more on about this and other initiatives and how CNH Industrial is rising to the climate change challenge by lowering the impact of logistics at: cnhindustrial.com/Lowering_the_impact_of_logistics