London, April 24, 2019

CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI), eight-time Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices, announces the third edition of A Sustainable Year which details the sustainability activities the Company and its stakeholders accomplished in 2018. This 36-page guide accompanies the 2018 Sustainability Report published on April 12, 2019, cnhindustrial.com/2018_sustainability_report

The magazine-style publication features stories from a wide range of sectors and geographic areas in which the Company operates bringing to life its innovative products and projects showing, with concrete examples, how they are being developed and utilized to reduce environmental impact and enhance the quality of lives of customers, employees and local communities around the world. A Sustainable Year offers a glimpse of the many initiatives carried out during this twelve-month period and contains interviews with the people directly involved showing how CNH Industrial’s employees are key in the continued pursuit of the Company’s goals for a better present and a more sustainable future.

For ease of reference, initiatives are grouped into five main sections. Key projects within these sections include the ongoing support to the NGO (Non-governmental organization) Gente de Bem in Brazil which supports students/teenagers from disadvantages areas, an example of circular economy with the story of IVECO BUS biomethane powered vehicles in Lille, Northern France and the growing importance of data driven farming with the Company’s focus on digitalization and automation helping to create a more efficient and sustainable way feeding the world.

Learn more on these and other projects, meet the people involved and read their stories at cnhindustrial.com/a-sustainable-year