London, 9 November 2018 

“We will make a machine for widespread use, of adequate power, especially suitable for ploughing; very sturdy to tackle the most stubborn of soils, of very simple construction and longlasting. Not identical to other machines, but not different just for the sake of it; original only where it needs to be, and above all the best ”. Thus spoke Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli, a hundred years ago, at the presentation of the Model 702, the company’s first production tractor, designed to remedy the shortage of manpower in the fields following the First World War. 

The year was 1918, and the Model 702, with its series of innovative solutions, obliterated the competition. In just one year, Fiat won over farming cooperatives throughout Italy and began production of 1,000 tractors. The 702 was the first in a long line of tractors that would revolutionize farming. Tractor enthusiasts will remember the Model 700C, the first crawler tractor in Europe, presented in 1932; “La Piccola”, nicknamed the “field bike” for its ease of use, launched in 1957, the exact same year another icon made its début on our streets, the Fiat 500 car. Then, in the Sixties, the “Diamante” series, designed by Pininfarina, and the “Nastro d’Oro”, the best-selling Fiat tractor ever, with over 110,000 units sold. Finally, the 90 Series, so successful it spanned three decades of production, until the early 2000s. New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural brand of CNH Industrial and direct heir to the Fiat tradition is today celebrating this prestigious 100-year milestone. 

New Holland was founded in 1991, following the purchase of Ford New Holland by Fiat Geotech, which then consisted of the Fiat Group’s farm machinery and construction equipment brands. New Holland Agriculture has launched two major commemorative initiatives: a concept tractor for display, the Fiat Centenario; and a range of Fiat Centenario Limited Edition tractors, available for sale.

The Fiat Centenario concept was inspired by the 90 Series and created by CNH Industrial’s Design Centre. Recapturing that distinctive and memorable terracotta color, it evokes the iconic range of Fiat tractors with its modern flowing lines. The Fiat Centenario Limited Edition tractors were created for the most loyal customers and six models in the Utility, Specialist and Crawler ranges are available in traditional Fiat colors and livery. Each tractor bears a numbered plate identifying it as one of the 100 limited edition models within the six ranges.

Both the Fiat Centenario concept and the Fiat Centenario Limited Edition series will be on display until Sunday, at the New Holland stand at EIMA 2018, the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition in Bologna. They will then be displayed at the main European trade fairs, to the delight of countless farmers and fans.