London, April 19, 2018 

CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI), seven-time Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices, announces the second edition of A Sustainable Year that recounts those sustainability activities the Company and its stakeholders accomplished in 2017.

This 50-page publication accompanies the 2017 Sustainability Report published on April 13, 2018, cnhindustrial.com/2017_sustainability_report.

By citing real life examples that demonstrate how the Company’s innovative products and projects are being developed and utilized to reduce environmental impact and enhance the quality of lives of customers, employees and local communities around the world, A Sustainable Year captures the essence of a twelve-month period during which CNH Industrial continued the pursuit of its goals for a better present and a sustainable future.

Nowhere is this commitment better illustrated than in India where three projects run by CNH Industrial are currently underway to help hundreds of people acquire new skills and access the education needed to increase opportunities for growth. Sponsorship of a charitable school, a community project to teach local farmers advanced cropping techniques and skills development training programs are all initiatives which are having a positive influence on society. A Sustainable Year also follows Team Rubicon, a US veteran-led disaster-response organization which provides relief for victims of natural disasters, as they work together on the clean-up and rebuild operation following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017. Employees and equipment alike played a crucial part in helping the affected communities and local economies recover from the damage wreaked by the hurricane. Learn more on these and other projects, meet the people involved and read their stories at cnhindustrial.com/a-sustainable-year.