London, September 28, 2017

CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), together with its New Holland Agriculture brand, took part in the first edition of the International Water Forum, “Rules of Water, Rules for Life”, as a Main Sponsor. This newly inaugurated annual meeting, which began yesterday at Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, Italy, takes place under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency and with the patronage of numerous institutions, including the European Commission, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), various Italian Ministries (Foreign Affairs, Environment, Justice, Agriculture, Environmental and Forestry Policy, Health), the Region of Lombardy and the City of Milan.

The purpose of the Forum is to focus attention on the importance of water, both as a legitimate interest as well as a central resource for global sustainable development. The event also highlighted the need to implement policies that are sensitive to issues regarding gender and equal opportunities. The topics addressed at the forum are consistent with CNH Industrial’s commitment to sustainability, something which was recently recognized with its seventh consecutive nomination as the Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, World and Europe.

During the convention, the Company presented the developments in its three-year Tunisian sustainable water management project, which started in 2016. This initiative is part of a cooperation agreement signed with FAO and the Tunisian government. The project particularly benefits the Governorate of Kébili, one of the country’s most arid areas. CNH Industrial has committed to invest USD $150,000 over the three-year period, covering almost half of the necessary funds (contributions are also made by the Tunisian government, and smaller sums are donated by other patrons).

The main objectives of this project are to: reduce poverty and food insecurity, promote sustainable incomes for the rural community, improve the ability of local producers to handle water shortages as well as periods of drought and increase the sustainability of ecosystems in an arid region such as Kébili. Some of the initiatives that have already commenced include the creation of water infrastructures and improving the reproduction of plants and animals. On a social level, the project promotes the role of women and young people and provides training for farmers and breeders.

54 families are currently involved in the water management initiative, for a total population of approximately 250 people. This mainly includes young people with a high level of education and great ambitions for their future. They play an important role in a plan targeted towards protecting the existing agropastoral ecosystem against climate change and the depletion of water resources.

This project, together with all of the sustainability projects implemented by CNH Industrial, is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, the Tunisian project addresses six of the goals: “zero hunger”, “clean water and sanitation”, “decent work and economic growth”, “reduced inequalities”, “sustainable cities and communities”, “climate action”. The fact that these goals can be reached in one of the most arid areas of Africa, is in part thanks to the commitment of CNH Industrial and New Holland Agriculture.