London, March 17, 2017

TechPro2 , the youth training initiative promoted globally by CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI), sees its latest installment launch in Johannesburg, South Africa. This particular chapter of the program is dedicated to engines and as such will provide instruction both in the classroom and in a technical workshop. An event inaugurating the program was held on March 16 at the Don Bosco Educational Center in Ennerdale, Johannesburg, where the course will take place.

The program is spearheaded by CNH Industrial’s powertrain brand FPT Industrial, which will provide training materials and engines for Power Generation and on-road applications. In addition to providing machinery for practical learning, FPT Industrial has developed educational web based training to deliver basic knowledge on the aforementioned engines. The technical portion of training will be provided by CNH Industrial’s local Technical Department.

The one-year course itself is led by a local teacher. Upon successful completion, students will receive a special diploma recognized by the South African government. At the end of the course, internship placements at local FPT Industrial dealers will be arranged to give students the opportunity to gain real on-the-job experience, assisting them in preparing for the labor market.

FPT Industrial is also actively involved in instructing new trainers in South Africa through digital courses, which will have a specific portion dedicated to the TechPro² program. These digital exercises are available to trainers via a web platform provided directly by FPT Industrial.

TechPro2 is a joint-initiative promoted by both CNH Industrial and its sister Company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in collaboration with the National Centre for Salesian Works (CNOS FAP). CNOS FAP’s mission is to promote formation and professional development according to its founder Don Bosco’s teaching principles. Its aim is to provide young people from over 50 countries around the world – Corporate Communications such as Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Italy and Poland– with the knowledge and commercial skills that are needed to prepare them for future employment in the automotive and industrial machinery sectors.

The initiative has grown to be more than a development program to train highly specialized individuals; today it has a global scope which actively involves and fosters a direct dialogue with young people, many of whom come from socially underprivileged backgrounds, to offer them a secure professional future. Furthermore, TechPro2 represents an innovative relationship model between schools and the professional sector.