​The company presented its advanced technological solutions for precision farming in the presence of the Italian minister for agricultural, food and forestry, the Hon. Maurizio Martina, and other senior representatives from the institutional, academic and industrial worlds.

London, 7 September 2016

Today, in Maccarese (Fiumicino) near Rome, CNH Industrial, through its New Holland Agriculture brand, offered an overview of how to "produce more while consuming less" in farming activities, in the presence of the Italian minister for agricultural, food and forestry, the Hon. Maurizio Martina. The presentation took place within the framework of a convention on precision farming, which opened the proceedings of the "Fields of Innovation" event organised by New Holland Agriculture and the Maccarese S.p.A. agribusiness.

Precision farming is radically transforming agriculture. This evolution is based on technologies which are able to generate field maps, and that also use satellite signals to enable farmers to plan their operations in a highly precise and targeted manner. New Holland Agriculture Precision Solutions & Telematics Vice President Antonio Marzia explained: “For example, sowing, fertilisation and irrigation can be carried out with different parameters depending on the area and with centimetre precision according to soil type and crop. This means the soil receives exactly the treatment it requires, without waste and with the utmost respect for the environment”.

In addition to the Hon. Maurizio Martina, the convention, entitled “The present and future of agriculture: technology, precision, innovation", was attended by senior figures from the worlds of agriculture, academia, industry and institutions, including high representatives of the Agricultural Commissions of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Senate. The proceedings were opened by Silvio Salera, Maccarese S.p.A. CEO, while the afternoon was devoted to field trials of agricultural machinery equipped with precision farming solutions.

CNH Industrial was represented by Carlo Lambro, a member of the company's Group Executive Council and New Holland Agriculture brand president, who reminded the participants that the Italian government had set an extremely ambitious goal for the country: “Increase the amount of farm land cultivated using precision farming systems from the current 1% to 10% by 2021." The company's credentials in this area are also demonstrated by the NHDrive concept autonomous tractor, which is the only one of its kind in the world and was recently unveiled in the US. Today's event is a tangible example of steps taken to promote the development of the very latest agricultural technologies, in compliance with the Guidelines for the development of precision farming presented by the Ministry for Agriculture in Catania in July.

During the convention a moment of reflection was held to remember those who were afflicted by the recent earthquake in central Italy. Carlo Lambro announced that a New Holland Agriculture tractor was to be auctioned with the proceeds allocated for use in reconstruction activities.