At the end of the visit, Bonaccini commented: "I wanted to see this important reality for our region in terms of production, exports and employment prospects. What I’ve seen today is a Company that is focusing on quality, which is the only way to be competitive in global markets."

London, 19 September, 2016

Today, Stefano Bonaccini, President of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region and the Conference of Regions, visited CNH Industrial's production sites in Modena and San Matteo (Municipality of Modena), which are two of the most important in the territory. He was welcomed and accompanied by Carlo Lambro, a member of the Company’s Group Executive Council and Brand President of New Holland Agriculture.

President Bonaccini started his visit at the historical plant of Modena, which was established in 1928 for the production of Fiat tractors. Today, the site is dedicated to the New Holland Agriculture brand and, with its 900 employees, produces components for tractors. This is a key site within the company's global industrial structure, which has reached the Bronze level in World Class Manufacturing – a global programme for the continuous improvement of quality, efficiency, sustainability and safety of production processes.

The visit continued at the San Matteo site, which was established in 1977 and houses a Product Development Centre and Logistics Centre. The first is CNH Industrial's main Research & Development Centre for the tractor product segment. It incorporates the most advanced technologies in the areas of engineering, design and testing methodologies, and includes a “Virtual Reality Centre” that supports design and testing through the use of virtual reality. The Logistics Centre, which is one of the largest world-wide for CNH Industrial, has a capacity for 7,200 shipments per day and, during the harvest season, operates 24 hours a day. A total of 800 employees work at the San Matteo site.

"I have had the opportunity to see an important reality first hand here in Emilia-Romagna. It is impressive both in terms of production and export, as well as from the point of view of employment prospects. Moreover, what I have seen here in Modena has reassured me on a subject that is dear to me, the quality of our products. These products are in fact competitive for a global market and difficult to imitate. With regards to the public transport sector, CNH Industrial is present in this field with a wide range of different products. I’d like to remind you that our region was the first to launch a new bus fleet renewal as our objective is to always be in line with the latest technology and environmental innovations.” commented President Bonaccini at the end of the visit.

Thanking the President for his visit, Carlo Lambro commented: “I believe that it is of fundamental importance that institutions come into direct contact with the production sites in the territory. We are honoured and proud to have had the opportunity to show President Bonaccini the technology of our products that are conceived, designed and built in Modena. They are an indispensable instrument for the development of a sector that is as important and strategic as agriculture. Through them we deliver and export Italian excellence from Emilia-Romagna to the entire world”.