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London, September 27, 2016

Extinguishing major fires, saving lives and preserving infrastructure are all tasks which fire departments face on a daily basis. At an airport all of these tasks often need to be fulfilled together simultaneously when a fire emergency takes place, making for a greater challenge. Fire hazards are almost always a consequence of aviation emergencies and so it is the job of an airport’s fire brigade to be ready for anything. “Anyone who hasn’t experienced kerosene on the tarmac doesn’t know how valuable seconds can be,” explains Andreas Wenzel, responsible for Product Management at Magirus, CNH Industrial’s global firefighting equipment brand.

Magirus has a strong reputation in its industry for providing world-class airport firefighting vehicles and components to help fire brigades respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. The shining star in its airport product portfolio is the DRAGON series which is available in three model sizes (DRAGON X4, DRAGON X6 and SUPERDRAGON X8). What makes the DRAGON so unique is its ability to rapidly respond to an accident by spraying water, foam or powder and pumping up to 10,000 liters of water per minute from as far away as 100 meters, all whilst driving at 70 kilometers per hour.

Developed especially for large airports, the DRAGON can reach 80 kilometers per hour in 25 seconds in the 52-ton SUPERDRAGON X8. This model series features a twin engine power pack based on C13 engines, produced by CNH Industrial’s powertrain brand FPT Industrial. These engines are set with specific data to meet airport requirements. If both engines are put into action, the vehicle can reach up to 1,120 horsepower.

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