The resources and technologies of Iveco Bus, a CNH Industrial brand and European leader in alternative fuel vehicles (compressed natural gas, hybrid, electric), were illustrated in Rome at the second "Sistema gomma nel trasporto passeggeri" (passenger road transport system) symposium under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of infrastructure and transport.

London, 6 May 2016

Always ahead of the curve in the drive towards sustainability, CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) has played a pioneering role in the development of alternative fuel commercial vehicles and passenger buses, notably through its Iveco and Iveco Bus brands, with the aim of achieving ever greater levels of sustainability in road freight and passenger transport.

Confirming the recognition of its contribution to the field, the company was invited to present its technological solutions at the second "Sistema gomma nel trasporto passeggeri" symposium held from May 5 – 6. The event was promoted by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and organized by ASSTRA (Italian Association of Local Public Transport Companies and Agencies), AITT (Italian Association for Traffic Engineering), ANAV (Italian National Road Passenger Transport Association) and the Order of Engineers of the province of Rome. During the event, Iveco Bus South Europe Manager Luigi Boggione illustrated the company's vehicles and technological solutions.

The talk focused on the contributions that the brand offers in terms of reducing emissions with its comprehensive range of alternative fuel buses, whether natural gas, biogas or hybrid, developed to meet demands for ever more sustainable mobility. Apart from simply reducing environmental impacts, the technological solutions employed offer a series of critical benefits in terms of noise reduction (of special interest for city center transport solutions) and savings in operating costs. Alternative fuels, in particular, provide public transport agencies with a reliable method of maximizing their efficiency levels.

A recent investigation conducted by UITP (International Association of Public Transport) found that the average age of passenger transport vehicles on the road in Italy is 12.2 years, against a European average of just 7.5. "There are still too few Italian cities operating fleets with a significant number of natural gas powered or hybrid vehicles. However, there are also several positive cases in Italy in terms of benefits for the environment and the public, demonstrating how advanced technology can already offer a valid response to the urgent need for a renewal of the public road transport fleet. This is in the context of our recent deliveries of hybrid and CNG (compressed natural gas) buses to several Italian cities, including Bologna, Ravenna, Udine and Bari,” explained Luigi Boggione. The role of natural gas and hybrid power as the pillars of local public transport infrastructure was further confirmed and emphasized by the representatives from institutional authorities who attended the symposium.

Against this background, through its Iveco and Iveco Bus brands CNH Industrial assumes the role of ideal partner for public administrations and public transport and service agencies, having developed, from 1996 to the present, the most extensive range of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), hybrid and electric public passenger vehicles on the market. Today, CNH Industrial's brands are in first place in terms of share of alternative fuel vehicles currently on the road in Europe, including 5,500 public transport vehicles.