The company recently made a substantial investment of €650,000 in the paint shop of its Zedelgem production facility, where the electrocoating process was completely upgraded. With this total refurbishment of the painting line, CNH Industrial intends to optimize corrosion resistance.

London, December 6, 2016

Zedelgem is CNH Industrial's Centre of Excellence for the development of harvesters, which are among the most impressive and technologically advanced machines in the Company's product range. For example, the New Holland CR 10.90, which, with a harvesting capacity of some 797 tons of wheat in 8 hours, holds the world record and is built in Zedelgem. This combine harvester takes 400 hours to build and requires some 6,000 parts. In order to consistently deliver top quality, a high level of automation is combined with expert manual operations in a production process that complies with World Class Manufacturing standards.

The importance of the production facility in the Company's industrial footprint is confirmed by the recent allocation of a €650,000 investment budget to a complete upgrade of the EC process. The improvements guarantee even better corrosion resistance of the production components of combine harvesters, balers and chippers.

Shortly after the new investment was commissioned, Plant Manager Werner Ballieu stated: "It is crucial for our customers to be able to rely on our high-performance equipment, year after year, during harvesting periods which are often short. World harvesting records set with our CR combine, built here in Zedelgem, prove that we build the best equipment. With regards to durability, the quality of the paintwork of our equipment is a critical factor. This significant investment further strengthens our role as the leader in the harvesting equipment market in terms of paintwork as well.”