Fighting food waste in Australia: ​customized vans supplied by IVECO Australia help OzHarvest distribute 850,000 free, fresh meals a month​​

​​by Ben Webb

Pioneering charity OzHarvest is supporting the distribution of free, fresh meals to the homeless, vulnerable and underprivileged across Australia, using customized IVECO Daily vans.​​

OzHarvest has delivered 45 million free meals and saved 15,000 tons of surplus food from landfill since it was founded in 2004 by Ronni Kahn. Its fleet of distinctive yellow IVECO Daily vans collects unwanted fresh food every day from supermarkets, restaurants and manufacturers, and delivers 850,000 meals per month to more than 800 partner charities in seven cities across Australia.


​​​The IVECO Daily has low emissions, an energy-efficient engine and a 12m3​ refrigerated storage area​

With 126hp/93kW of power and 320Nm of torque, the Daily’s engine is ideal for transporting 1,000kg loads of food​

​​"OzHarvest and its campaign to cut food waste and help the community with fresh food closely aligns with our corporate values and identity," explains James McHendrie, IVECO Key Account Manager Light-Medium Product for Australia. Involved in the early discussions around collaboration between the two organizations, he feels they are a natural fit. "It's in our DNA to avoid waste, care for the environment and give something back in the areas where we operate," he says.

When OzHarvest decided on the IVECO Daily 35S13s, the van's environmental credentials were very important. "We were seeking a vehicle with the most energy-efficient engine and lowest possible emissions," explains Kahn, the charity's founder. "The Daily 2.3-liter Euro 6 engine fitted the bill perfectly."

IVECO Australia has been equally proactive in helping ensure the specifications of the vehicle matched OzHarvest's needs, and even adapted one for use as a mobile kitchen. With 126hp/93kW of power and 320Nm of torque, the Daily's engine is ideal for transporting 1,000kg loads of food in the refrigerated 12m3 storage area. The reversing camera and proximity signal are also handy features given many of the volunteers are not experienced drivers.​

As an image-conscious and marketing-oriented organization, the design of the vans is also important to OzHarvest. Using black typography and motifs on a yellow background, OzHarvest makes a very strong statement with its branding. "The look of our vehicles is very important to us," explains Kahn. "We love the Daily's streamlined shape, particularly how attractive it looks in our colors." ​

IVECO Australia’s initiative with OzHarvest is an example of CNH Industrial’s shared-value approach to helping feed a growing population and supporting the reduction of inequalities​

A sustainability strategy driven by stakeholders

CNH Industrial combines the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with its own materiality analysis to determine where its sustainability initiatives should be focused. Its annual materiality analysis monitors the opinions of all its stakeholders useful for the setting of sustainability milestones.

"We feel a real sense of pride whenever we see the distinctive OzHarvest van," says McHendrie. "It's great to be part of a good-news story. Putting something back into the community is part of what we do. All of us at IVECO like being part of something bigger. Part of a big family."

IVECO Australia's collaboration with OzHarvest has brought the truck brand closer to the local community. Indeed, it serves as a fine example of CNH Industrial's wider ambition to build a better present while laying the foundations for a sustainable future.