IVECO receives Industry Award for dedication to developing natural gas vehicles

As a part of the NGV GLOBAL 2017 conference, the natural gas vehicles association held an international gathering on March 22 to present a series of sector awards. IVECO received the “NGV Global Industry Champion” award recognizing the brand’s 20 years’ of pioneering work in developing a full range of natural gas vehicles from light, medium and heavy trucks to buses.


​The association’s biennial award recognizes initiatives and programs implemented by companies in order to develop and improve the natural gas sector around the world. The NGV Global board selected IVECO based on criteria that included the progress made in the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel and its contribution to developing the natural gas vehicle market worldwide. In its evaluation, the jury looked at the impact of the activities of the brand at national, regional and global levels. NGV Global represents the interests of almost 350 members throughout the world. Since its establishment in 1986, it has seen the global number of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) grow from almost none to more than 23 million. Over the next few years, NGV Global is projecting a continued growth, towards a target of 65 million NGVs on the road globally by 2030.

IVECO is a global leader in natural gas commercial vehicles and the first manufacturer to offer a full range of natural gas models from light to heavy vehicles and buses. The key objective of the brand’s product strategy is to provide its customers with vehicles that enable them to be more sustainable, both for the environment and their bottom line. As a result, the brand has seen an accelerating adoption rate for natural gas in Europe and further afield from both new and existing customers.

Natural gas counters pollutant emissions whilst reducing total cost of ownership, as well as cutting noise pollution, another key factor for urban areas. In developing this alternative transport solution, IVECO has been anticipating several recommendations made in 2016 by the European Commission in its communication on a European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility.

Thanks to the increasing availability of bioCNG (Bio - Compressed Natural Gas) and bioLNG (Bio - Liquefied Natural Gas) fuels in Europe, both logistics and public transport companies can now operate CO2 neutral fleets which contribute to energy independence and combatting climate change.