There are two key parameters that have become absolutely critical in the world of road haulage: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and emissions - especially that of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is always front and center for the many players and institutions that are constantly striving to reduce emission levels. This is also the case for our Company.

In recent years, the transport sector has made giant leaps forward on the path of efficiency and sustainability, managing to reduce both TCO and CO2 emissions. Despite these accomplishments, the demand for even greater reductions has not yet been satisfied, with pressing calls to push the boundaries ever further. That was the spirit behind Iveco's “TCO2 Champions” presentation in Madrid, where the brand touted its new trucks as being record-breakers in terms of cost of ownership and reduction of emission levels. The champions in question are the New Stralis tractor units, available in a range that includes the top-end XP and alternative power NP versions.

Extra Performance

XP denotes a New Stralis version designed and built to provide the perfect solution for long and very long range haulage operators. Perfect, because the New Stralis XP tractor units offer savings of thousands of pounds for hauliers who expect each of their vehicles to log at least 120,000 kilometers, year in, year out.

So what are the secrets behind Stralis XP? The biggest is the way Iveco has ramped up the efficiency of the 480 and 570 horsepower engines to the nth degree, thanks also to the ground-breaking systems and the all-new Hi-Tronix 12-speed automatic transmission.

Then there's the Hi-Cruise predictive cruise control system: thanks to the aid of 3D maps and GPS this system can "read" the road for the next five kilometers of the route in order to optimize driving and reduce emissions. Finally, new tires that are in compliance with the sought-after "Triple A" energy efficiency rating. And those are just a few of Stralis XP's innovative features which, when considered altogether, place this tractor unit at the very pinnacle of its class in terms of TCO.

Natural Power​

In relation to CO2 reduction the Stralis NP stands out as a truly revolutionary vehicle.

It's the only truck available to the European market with a compressed natural gas powered engine capable of delivering 400 horsepower and 1,700 newton meters of torque. The engine in question is the FPT Industrial Cursor 9 CNG series engine, designed to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and gas from renewable sources (biomethane).

Thanks to this "sustainable heart", the Stralis NP is the first long-range haulage vehicle running on alternative fuel that is capable of replacing its conventional fuel counterparts in a viable, sustainable and economically advantageous manner. Thereby it is the only one with an automated gearbox and a capacity of more than 1,000 liters of liquefied natural gas.

“The Stralis NP will change the rules of the game in the road haulage industry. It's the only natural gas powered commercial vehicle that has proven its ability to take long-range missions comfortably in its stride”

The future is now!

Stralis NP is not a “concept” nor is it a prototype; it is available today. On the day the New Stralis was launched France's leading mass commercial haulier, Jacky Perrenot, purchased 250 natural gas powered Iveco Stralis NP tractor units.

An order of this magnitude marks a sea of change in the management of freight haulage in Europe. It demonstrates the viability of adopting sustainability-based solutions in the fiercely competitive world of road haulage.

It also shows that this kind of logic is actually a winning hand in relation to customers who, without neglecting the bottom line benefits, place their core emphasis on caring for the environment and protecting the future for us all.

Image: Perrenot Group Transport President Philippe Givone signs momentous order for 250 natural gas New Stralis trucks.

“For the first time, natural gas powered vehicles will be used for missions that were once the exclusive domain of diesel powered trucks, and Iveco has hit the ground running, having predicted this development long before the rest of the market caught up”