Priorities, Targets and Reporting

Priorities, Targets and Reporting

As a leader in agriculture and construction sustainability, it’s important to hold ourselves accountable.

We do so by reporting on our sustainability performance transparently and by responding to key sustainability questionnaires from rating agencies.

Reporting on our progress is critical to our continuous evolution towards becoming an ever more sustainable company.


2023 Sustainability Report

Read about our progress to date.

Key Recognitions

A Sustainable Year

Our yearly magazine on sustainability and innovation, featuring stories and ideas from CNH and beyond.

Priorities and Targets

Carbon Footprint

Clear path to reduce CO2 emissions
  • 50% reduction vs. 2018 in Scope 1 and 2 emissions CO2 /h of production by 2030
  • 90% share of renewable electricity in 2030
Circularity and Eco-Efficiency
Minimize the impact of products and processes
  • 100% new products developed with sustainability design criteria by 2024
  • 90% recyclability for new products in 2030
  • 95% waste recovered at Company plants by 2024
  • 33% reduction of water withdrawal/hour of production vs. 2018 by 2024
Inclusion, Equity and Engagement
Build equitable human capital, transform our culture, engage our communities
  • 20% of women in leadership roles by 2024
  • 35% reduction of injury frequency rate vs. 2018 by 2024
  • 100% increase in people benefitting from CNH Industrial’s community initiatives vs. 2018 by 2024
  • 100% employees trained in unconscious bias and "speak up" by 2024
Governance & Commitment

Sustainability committee, leadership compensation linked to sustainability goals,
new CNH Industrial Business System

  • Quarterly Executive Sustainability Committee chaired by CEO and ESG Board Committee
  • 20% leadership variable compensation linked to Sustainability goals
  • Implement CNH Industrial Business System: new next level lean approach to increase agility and focus on customer

Priorities and targets are aligned with the six UN Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs") most relevant to CNH Industrial: