CNH Industrial Philanthropy

CNH Industrial Philanthropy


The philanthropic goal of the CNH Industrial Foundation is to transform communities by partnering with and providing support to charitable organizations operating in favor of three main pillars:

Civic & Community Empowerment
Affordable housing and homelessness prevention, Veterans support, Educational causes at high school level and above, Diversity & Inclusion
Food Security
Hunger relief, Reduction/elimination of food waste, Agriculture advancement
Disaster Relief
Basic human needs, community clean-up, and infrastructure repairs following natural and manmade disasters

The CNH Industrial Foundation focuses the majority of its support on causes impacting North America in these three areas.

Organizations that may qualify for support must be recognized as charitable under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The CNH Industrial Foundation grant application process is by invitation only. Funding requests for the CNH Industrial Foundation are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Please contact to learn more about the application process or to request an invitation.


CNH Industrial has a corporate giving program in North America, primarily supporting the areas of education, health and human service, civic and community improvement, food security, and disaster relief.

Corporate or brand sponsorships, equipment donations, or other local donations near CNH Industrial facilities are awarded through an invitation only process. To inquire about applying for support, please contact Please also contact if you are interested in a donation of brand merchandise.